‘Uniform Civil Code Our Commitment, There Should be No Fear of NRC’: Rajnath Singh to News18

Last Updated: April 05, 2024, 14:54 IST Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said it was the government’s commitment that the Uniform Civil Code [UCC] be implemented. The defence minister said the opposition should stay away from spreading rumours or misinformation Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said it was the government’s commitment … Read more

From CAA To Cross-Border Terrorism And Lok Sabha Polls: Full Interview Of Rajnath Singh With News18

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday reiterated the Bharatiya Janata Party’s 370 plus seats claim for Lok Sabha Elections 2024. In an exclusive interview with Network18 Group Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi, Singh said that the party was well on its way to winning 370 seats this election and that the NDA will win more than … Read more

‘We Believe That…’ Amit Shah’s Take on Uniform Civil Code at News18 Rising Bharat Summit 2024

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is the BJP government’s promise to India that all Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis should be ruled under one law, stressed Union home minister Amit Shah at the CNN-News18’s Rising Bharat Summit 2024 in New Delhi on Wednesday. There will be no interference in religion and religious … Read more

Amit Shah: Only Narendra Modi Will Remain The Prime Minister For The Next 10 Years – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

अमित शाह (फाइल फोटो) – फोटो : सोशल मीडिया विस्तार मोदी सरकार के पिछले 10 वर्षों के कार्यकाल के कार्यों का जिक्र करते एक निजी कार्यक्रम में केंद्रीय गृह मंत्री अमित शाह ने कहा कि आगामी लोकसभा चुनाव में हम जीत दर्ज कर रहे हैं। हमारे देश में एक गतिशील लोकतंत्र है, जो प्रदर्शन का मूल्यांकन … Read more

Uniform Civil Code: Governor Sent Ucc Bill To The President Uttarakhand News In Hindi – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

राज्यपाल गुरमीत सिंह व सीएम पुष्कर सिंह धामी – फोटो : सोशल मीडिया विस्तार राज्यपाल ने यूसीसी विधेयक राष्ट्रपति को भेजा है। राजभवन ने इस पर विचार करने के बाद विधायी विभाग को भेजा था। विधायी के माध्यम से राष्ट्रपति को भेजा गया है। चूंकि यह संविधान की समवर्ती सूची का विषय है, इसलिए बिल अनुमोदन … Read more

In Steps Towards Uniform Civil Code, Assam Repeals Muslim Marriage And Divorce Act

Last Updated: February 24, 2024, 00:10 IST Guwahati [Gauhati], India Assam repeals Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act in move towards UCC. (Photo: PTI) The development came just weeks after Uttarakhand became the first state in independent India to pass a legislation on Uniform Civil Code In a major step towards the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), … Read more

Uttarakhand Done, Rajasthan & Assam May be Next in Line for Uniform Civil Code, But Legal Hurdles Remain

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami being greeted by BJP leaders and supporters after the state Assembly passed the Uniform Civil Code Bill. (PTI) Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal and former law minister Kiren Rijiju have made the BJP strategy clear — there is constitutional freedom available to states if they want to come up … Read more

Frustration With UCC or Pre-Planned Violence? Why Tensions Keep Simmering in Haldwani’s Banbhoolpura

Located close to a railway station along the railway line, Banbhoolpura is a densely populated area that houses about one lakh Muslims as per estimates. (PTI) In 2022, thousands of Banbhoolpura residents were up in arms against a high court order that sought eviction of encroachers from land belonging to the Railways. Though the Supreme … Read more

Like Ganga Starts in Uttarakhand And Serves India, UCC Has Begun Here But Will Reach All: Dhami to News18

Last Updated: February 08, 2024, 08:00 IST Uttarakhand chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami holds a copy of the Constitution of India, at Vidhan Sabha Bhawan, in Dehradun, on February 6, 2024. (Pic/PTI) Live-in provisions brought in the Uniform Civil Code to protect youngsters from abuse and exploitation, said the Uttarakhand chief minister during the exclusive … Read more