In Karnataka’s Sirsi, Engineer’s Electric Cart Revolutionises Rural Transportation

Last Updated: February 27, 2024, 14:43 IST

The electric cart offers a mileage of 60 km.

The electric cart offers a mileage of 60 km.

Electric vehicles are gaining much popularity in India due to their cost-effectiveness and are also eco-friendly.

In the verdant landscapes of Sirsi, Karnataka, an agricultural hub, innovation blooms with the advent of an electric cart, conceived and realised by mechanical engineer Santosh Hebbar. Previously acclaimed for his two-wheeler modifications, Hebbar’s latest creation, the Amogha E-Cart, promises to revolutionise conventional transport methods with its versatility and efficiency.

As India increasingly embraces electric vehicles for their cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, the Amogha E-Cart stands out as a beacon of innovation. Crafted with user convenience in mind, this electric cart boasts unparalleled adaptability, effortlessly navigating fields, gardens and varied terrains with ease.

Equipped with a robust engine delivering an impressive mileage of 60 kilometres, the Amogha E-Cart features tractor-style button tyres, a hydraulic lift and a smart-screen display. Tailored for agricultural activities, it can effortlessly transport loads of up to 600 kilograms, catering to the needs of farmers and agricultural workers.

Accessible to adults and the elderly alike, the electric cart offers a seamless transportation solution, requiring just a three-hour charging time to start a day’s tasks without interruption. Designed for safety, it features a disc braking system, ensuring the well-being of riders while reducing carbon emissions and operational costs.

With its ability to traverse rugged terrain and its capacity to transport a variety of materials, from wood to nuts, the Amogha E-Cart promises to streamline agricultural operations while promoting environmental sustainability. Santosh Hebbar’s innovative creation exemplifies the marriage of technology and tradition, offering a glimpse into the future of rural transportation in India.

The Amogha E-Cart’s arrival heralds a new era in Sirsi’s agricultural landscape, providing farmers and labourers with a reliable, eco-friendly mode of transportation. Its versatility and efficiency mark a significant step towards sustainable farming practices, ensuring that the rich agricultural traditions of the region thrive in harmony with modern advancements.

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